Reflections from Tessa

Today we went to Seaview Christian College and ran their morning chapel service. Many of the childrens’ parents came along as well to join in. We all really enjoyed learning the Karen song ‘Ta Blu’, meaning ‘Thank you’ and still cannot get the song out of our heads .

This was then followed by working in the yard until lunch. In the afternoon we ran a sports session for the children of Seaview Christian College playing various small games with them.

We also got to spend time painting with an aboriginal lady Aunty Jean, who lives in Port Augusta and makes beautiful artworks and jewellery. We had the opportunity to drill manga seeds which she uses to make jewellery. At the end of the day we were finally able to get the big tree stump out of the ground (boo yeah) before sharing a meal prepared by some of the Karen on the trip.


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    Andrew says

    Hope you are learning something new each day Tessa

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