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Port Augusta to Alice Springs

Heading out early Thursday morning we had no idea the kind of day we would encounter. Firstly before we left one of our crew caught her engagement ring while loading the bus and had to be taken to Emergency and have the ring cut off to allow for the swelling, with a nasty cut all bandaged up and a ring left at the jewellers we took the Stewart Hwy headed to Coober Pedy. However an hour down the road we met with a Police roadblock and had our logbooks gone over with a fine tooth comb. The resulting hour holdup and small fine compared to what it could have been we were on our way. A short stop for fuel at a town starting with ‘G’ I can’t remember, we began the final leg of the trip to dinner and Coober Pedy. Traveling at 100km on the Hwy, a caravan indicated to the left and pulled his van towards the verge, as our convoy moved around him, he suddenly pulled hard right and was it not for some very expert driving would have taken out our 25 seater! Phew, several prayers of thanks were offered as some driving advice was given to the shaken driver who had forgotten to look before turning! However we had one more adventure left, being 15km out from Coober Pedy one of our buses lost power and would not drive over 60km/h, after a quick check we limped into town, set up dinner and rang the RAA, two hours later, with our bellies full and our van’s computer reset, we made the final trek to the SA/NT border. But that’s another story!

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