Our church soccer club was established in 2004, with the aim of providing the local church and community with the opportunity to play competitive soccer in a friendly, inclusive and respectful manner.
In 2016, there are seven Junior teams, four Senior teams and one Women’s team registered to play in Croydon Ranges Football Club. There are approximately 160 men, women and children playing soccer with our club every Saturday during Terms 2 and 3.
Our players come from the local area, usually through recommendations from existing players. We also have many Karen and Chin players, who bring skill and pace to the competition. Cross-cultural friendships are stimulated through the camaraderie of this team sport.
Last year, we welcomed the addition of a Soccer Chaplain, namely Steve Ryan, who quietly gets alongside players and families, encouraging and supporting them.
We also have our Youth and Young Adults Pastor, Matt Moran, playing and coaching one of the Senior Men’s teams, and linking CHBC firmly with this popular social activity.
CHBC has a wonderful opportunity to share life with many local people through the soccer club. We greatly appreciate the church’s interest, involvement and prayerful support of this area of ministry.

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